MITIS srl is specialized in the manufacture of stainless-steel plants for the transport of fluids.

In recent years it has invested resources to expand its range of products, moving towards the construction of reverse osmosis systems, CIP washing systems and systems for applications in the CHEMICAL, PHARMACEUTICAL and COSMETICS industries.

Our production includes:
• Construction and assembly of sanitary piping
• Plants construction
• Design and Services

The particular qualifications of its staff also allows it to operate in the most advanced industrial sectors and to supply systems that comply with the c.G.M.P's standards, which can also be approved according to the international F.D.A. / USP / EP Pharmacopoeia health and safety standards.



M.I.T.I.S. partnership was born in 1970 from the ten-years of experience its two founding partners had as installers of plants for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

1990s /2000s

It was within these years, with the increasingly demanding requests of the market, that the company specialized in the construction of pharmaceutical plants by means of automatic orbital welding in accordance with cGMPS, such as:

  • Piping for preparation rooms
  • Loop for distribution of pure fluids WFI, PW and CS
  • Piping for transporting pure gases, liquids and powders


MITIS s.r.l. was founded out of the natural evolution of the original M.I.T.I.S. partnership. With the new corporate structure, it is positioned in the market with a wider range of products, moving towards the implementation of services that include:

  • Design
  • Construction of water treatment plants
  • Complete automation systems

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